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Quiz With Anti-Trump Questions Angers Parents (Photo)

A middle school teacher in Plainfield, Illinois, is being accused by some parents of using a vocabulary test to impose her negative views of President Donald Trump onto her students.

On March 22, Rebecca Ann Gomez uploaded an image of part of a quiz that was given to her eighth-grade daughter at Timber Ridge Middle School.

"This is a test that my 8th grade daughter was given by her Language Arts teacher," she wrote in the caption. "This is [unacceptable] to put her views into our children's head [no] matter what her side is! I am one unhappy parent!"

Students were asked to complete the following politically themed sentences by filling in the blanks with the appropriate vocabulary words:

  • "There is great [blank] among Americans, especially those who are strong supporter of President Trump and those who are against him";
  • "The President of the United States [blank] accused the media of covering up terrorist attacks in European countries";
  • "I have [blank] to seek out non-biased news so that I am a well-educated and informed citizen";
  • "It was difficult for me to [blank] my feeling when I learned that Donald J. Trump had been voted in as our 45th President";
  • "After reading about President Trump's immigration ban, I did not realize how [blank] the law can be."
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Dozens of people commented on Gomez's post, with most agreeing the questions are improper.

"This is bulls***," one person wrote. "The taxes paid to the school district and they allow teachers to push their political agenda on the students."

Another user described the test as an example of "the indoctrination of our youth by liberal academia."

Tom Hernandez, director of community relations for the school district, confirmed the existence of the quiz, telling Plainfield Patch in an email that the situation was being reviewed.

"We are aware of the quiz," Hernandez said. "We are conducting an inquiry and review of the matter and if warranted, will take appropriate disciplinary action."

Patch also reached out to Gomez, who said she had been "shocked" by the quiz.

"I was just mortified," she said. "I was shocked when I actually saw the questions -- I couldn't believe that a teacher would write those questions."

And while Gomez has met with school administrators to discuss the incident, she stressed that she is not trying to get the teacher in trouble.

"We're not looking to get her fired or anything," she said. "I wanted to get this out there because this kind of stuff is not appropriate for school."

"It's all in the media, we don't need this in the classroom," Gomez added.

Sources: Rebecca Ann/Facebook, Plainfield Patch / Photo credit: U.S. Embassy Valletta, Malta/Flickr, Rebecca Ann/Facebook

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