Questions Emerge After Close-Up Shows What Hillary Clinton's 'Handler' Is Holding (Photos)


There's been a significant amount of speculation recently regarding a mysterious man in Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's camp, and a recent photo showing him holding a strange object in his hand further fueled the theories and rumors.

The man, who has been photographed and recorded alongside Clinton in various situations, was pictured at the Democratic National Convention holding what many speculated to be a Diazepam pen -- an auto-injector pen meant to stop acute repetitive seizures, Gateway Pundit reported. 

The man previously was seen rushing to the stage at a rally after protesters interrupted Clinton’s speech, touching her arm and speaking quietly into her ear before pushing Secret Service agents away. The handler, who many believe might be a personal doctor, was also photographed helping the former secretary of state up a flight of stairs. 

The photo of Clinton being helped up the stairs was taken in February 2016 in South Carolina, and many conservative news websites pushed it as a recent photo to perpetuate the idea of the presidential candidate’s declining health. 

In another incident, Clinton was seen making a strange head gesture after several reporters attempted to ask her questions, which many believe was the former first lady having a seizure, according to Danger & Play. 

Despite the internet rumors surrounding Clinton’s health, she has continued to lead against Donald Trump in many polls --although a recent fundraising effort on Trump’s part caused the Clinton campaign to take notice.

“Donald Trump also had his best fundraising month of the campaign, raising $80 million,” an internal memo obtained by Politico read. “This was far more than anyone expected -- and should be a wake-up call to all Hillary supporters. We must redouble our efforts in the coming weeks."

The memo noted that Clinton’ current fundraising pace is behind that of President Barack Obama’s in 2012.

“While we are very proud of the more than $469 million our campaign has raised so far, we remain behind the historic pace that President Obama set in 2012, raising $520 million during the same time frame. With only three months to go, it is critical that we close the gap between President Obama’s record-level fundraising and the pace we are currently on,” the memo read.

“Falling short of the resources raised in 2012 will require us to scale back from the investments President Obama’s campaign made in organizing, data and other critical tools."

Sources: Danger & PlayGateway PunditPolitico / Photo credit: Mad World News 

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