Queensland Woman Finds "Maggot" In McDonald's Chicken Aioli Wrap


Two bites into her McDonald’s chicken aioli wrap, a Queensland woman reportedly found a maggot in her meal on Sunday.

Georgia McDonald said she found what she called a “big dirty maggot” at the Kin Kora’s McDonalds and was disgusted by the incident, according to the Daily Mail.

"It revolted me to the point that I will never eat at any McDonald's restaurant ever again," McDonald told The Queensland Times.

She added that she thinks that it is unacceptable for a customer to find a grotesque creature like that in his or her food.

“This is not only a health concern for myself,” she said. “But also a health concern for the hundreds of patrons eating at this McDonald's store on this day or days leading up to this incident.”

Tony Ward, a McDonald’s licensee in the neighborhood, said that McDonald’s was unhappy with the incident and that McDonald actually found a fruit grub in her food – not a maggot.

“We take food quality very seriously,” said a McDonald’s spokesperson. “We have spoken with the customer and will continue to keep her informed.”

The spokesperson added that fruit grubs can exist in fresh produce occassionally.

“I know McDonald's is not the healthiest option on the market, but when I pay for food from anywhere,” McDonald said. “I expect that the products used will be fresh, and to a quality which the owner would eat.”

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Source: Daily Mail


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