Queens Man Arrested For Shoplifting Gets $510,000 For Ankle Broken In Police Custody


A Queens chef who was arrested for shoplifting was awarded $510,000 Wednesday for a broken ankle he sustained while in police custody.

Kevin Jarmam, 50, allegedly stole a bag of shrimp and was reported by a store clerk to police in May 2011. When police caught him, Sgt. Samuel Morales allegedly pulled his handcuffs and caused him to trip and break his ankle as he fell to the ground, according to the Daily News.

Jarman claims that police ridiculed him after the fall and said that they planned to post a video of it on YouTube.

“When I fell, they had a big laugh at my expense,” Jarman told the Daily News. “They were laughing out loud and they demeaned me.”

Police claim that Jarman fell on his own after fainting in custody.

Jarman was initially offered a $50,000 settlement for the injury but his council rejected it because he would reportedly have a limp for the rest of his life.

The result of Jarman’s alleged theft is still unclear, since Jarman claims that a plea was entered for him without him knowing when he was unconscious in the hospital.

Source: NY Daily News, 3000newswire.com


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