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'The Case Is Serious': Police Find Disturbing Items In Man's House After He's Overheard Threatening NYPD Officers

A 38-year-old Queens man was arrested after a former police officer overheard him making threats against cops while standing in a local bank.

According to reports, Elvin Payamps was standing in a TD Bank in Queens when ex-NYPD cop Charles Otero overheard him making threats against police officers.

“They should have killed two white cops instead of the Hispanic and Asian if the guy really wanted to send a message,” Payamps was allegedly overheard saying.

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Payamps reportedly talked about his plans against officers to another person, and at that point, Otero decided to call 911. By the time officers arrived to the bank, however, Payamps had already left. Calls went out to local cops, and eventually, two patrol officers were able to take the man into custody after finding him to be in possession of marijuana.

While Payamps was being questioned, investigators went to his home and were given permission to search it by his wife. Disturbingly, police found two weapons, two bulletproof vests, and brass knuckles at the home, and upon further questioning, Payamps, who has prior arrests, said that one of the vests was stolen from the Brooklyn Detention Center.

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Payamps wound up confessing to the threats, and now, he’s being held in lieu of $500,000 bail on a number of charges.

“The case is serious,” Queens Criminal Court Judge Stephanie Zaro said, according to the NY Post. “But the law does not allow me to remand on a C violent felony.”

Neighbors say that Payamps was always very “secretive” and that he was always pretty quiet in their neighborhood, which is mainly filled with cops.

Sources:NY Post, NY Daily News / Photo Sources: NY Daily News, NY Post, Wikimedia Commons


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