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Queen Guitarist Brian May Previews 'The Badger Song' to Protest Killing of Badgers (Video)

Queen guitarist Brian May announced plans on Sunday to release 'The Badger Song' to protest the UK government’s plan to kill some of the country’s badger population (video below).

“It’s a kind of parody of ‘Flash [Gordon],’ as you’ll see,” said May. “We’re gonna get Brian Blessed saying, ‘We need badgers alive!’”

Actor Brian Blessed, who starred as Prince Voltan in the movie 'Flash Gordon,' tweeted on Monday: “THRILLED TO BE INVOLVED!”

May got the idea for the song from animator Jonti Picking, whose “Badgers” video became a viral hit in 2008, notes the Western Daily Press. Picking's original "Badgers" will be mixed in.

The UK plans to kill thousands of badgers beginning on June 1 to help stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis, reported the BBC. The plan calls for the badgers to be shot, instead of humanely trapping them.

“You have to wonder why the government is clinging to this policy that is not supported by science, not supported by the public, not supported by Parliament, and that will not help farmers,” said Sir John Beddington, the UK government’s chief scientific advisor, reported The Telegraph.

Sources: BBC, The Telegraph, Western Daily Press, Twitter


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