Qantas Airlines Refuses to Allow Daniel McCluskie to Sit Next to Pre-Teen Girl

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Daniel McCluskie, a nurse, was forced to switch seats when he was seated next to an unaccompanied young girl on a recent Qantas flight.

McCluskie, who did not do anything improper, was flying from Wagga Wagga, Australia to Sydney, Australia in June when he wasked to move seats, reports

After an airline safety demonstration, a flight attendant asked a woman to swap seats with McCluskie, who was sitting next to a girl, who was thought to be 10 years old.

McCluskie later asked why he had been moved. He was told it was the policy of Qantas not to allow men sit next to non-related unaccompanied children.

McCluskie told "There were people that looked during the actual move, people looked at me or looked around because there was a bit of a ruckus at the back of the plane. And then the man in front of me throughout the flight kept looking at me and obviously my sense of paranoia was heightened, if you want to call it that, because of what had occurred."

"After the plane had taken off, the air hostess thanked the woman that had moved, but not me, which kind of hurt me or pissed me off a bit more because it appeared I was in the wrong, because it seemed I had this sign I couldn't see above my head that said 'child molester' or 'kiddie fiddler' whereas she did the gracious thing and moved to protect the greater good of the child."

McCluskie was later told by Qantas that "it was the policy and it was what people who send unaccompanied minors on flights want and it's not their fault..."


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