Video Shows Python Eating Dog (Video)


The owner of a dog in Thailand came downstairs at her home in Pathum Thani  to a surprising sight early Oct. 5 (video below).

Klomphan Khiewwan, 21, found her pet dog Fino in the jaws of a 6-meter-long python, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

She said that she had heard her dog making loud noises earlier while she was trying to sleep, but didn’t expect anything was wrong.

A local rescue organization was called and volunteers arrived with snake catching equipment. The python reacted by backing away and spitting out the dog it had been eating.

The team was able to capture the snake and release it back into the wild. However, it proved too late to save Fino, who died from his injuries.

Instances of pythons consuming dogs are more common than you might think.

In March, a video circulated of a golden python in China swallowing a pet puppy whole.

Even though the footage was only six seconds long, it provoked outrage on social media. Twitter users called for the owner of the python to be punished for feeding the puppy to the serpent, RT reported.

In March 2014, reported a python ate a family pet dog in Australia. The owner found the snake in the dog’s kennel with the chain hanging out of its mouth.

Sources: Coconuts Bangkok, RT, / Photo credit: Pen Phuntula Exclusivepix Media via Daily Mail

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