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‘Put Your Number in My Phone’ Becomes a Viral Sensation (Video)

A new video published to YouTube 48 hours ago claims to have discovered the secret to acquiring girls’ phone numbers in mass quantity. The big secret? Ask for the numbers assertively, without projecting any self-doubt and with as few words as humanly possible.

Two days after posting their how-to guide online, VitalyzdTV has already racked up 825,000 views.

The stated mission of the clip is simple enough: “This was so easy to film...hopefully this was a good way to teach guys not to care to much and be straight forward and p.s 25% of girls rejected us or had a boyfriend!”

Whether those stats are actually accurate or not is anyone’s guess, but based on what is shown in the video, there is no reason to assume that they aren’t. The two men in the clip are literally getting women’s numbers with the most minimal effort required, so it’s hard to imagine that they couldn’t successfully keep doing it until they reached a particular desired total. They undoubtedly edited out some rejections and are probably mildly overselling the success rate, however, for the most part this is likely legit.

What do you think: ordering a woman to put her number in your phone, yay or nay?


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