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A Few Of These Will Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home

Finding cockroaches in your home can be an upsetting experience, and it doesn't help that they are stubborn and resistant to most repellents.

There are many repellents on the market to keep cockroaches away, though many are filled with chemicals and dangerous toxins. Thankfully, there is one simple herb that the insects can't stand the smell of: bay leaves.

According to Healthy Holistic Living, bay leaves are nature's strongest roach repellent. The insects won't be eliminated by the herb, but the smell will drive them away. 

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Placing 10 bay leaves in your garden or in the corner of your kitchen, for example, can help keep the roaches out of your home. The remedy is great, not only because bay leaves are easy to find, but because they are completely natural and non-toxic, making this repellent method great if you have small children or pets.

Any kind of bay leaf, fresh or dried, should do the trick. However, Healthy Holistic Living recommends crushing the leaves up into a powder to create a stronger smell.

Pests Off also suggests using garlic, mint, or catnip for similar results. Cockroaches have similarly negative reactions to natural chemicals in each of these herbs.

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