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Puss In Boots Look-Alike: Real Kitten Named Drogon Looks Like The Cute Shrek Character

The Philadelphia Zoo welcomed a litter of irresistibly cute black-footed kittens recently, and one of them bears a striking resemblance to Puss In Boots, one of the most beloved characters in the animated movie Shrek.

Drogon the kitten, who has the same trademark giant eyes as the fairy tale character, was born in April at Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania, and weighs just 27 ounces at 8 weeks old, the Daily Mail reported.

His weight has doubled in the last month and along with brother Viscerion and sister Rhaegal, is being raised by their mother Aza. Fans of “Game of Thrones” will recognize that the trio are named after the dragons in the popular series.

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Unlike Puss In Boots, who joins Shrek and friends on their adventures, black-footed cats like to travel alone and do not live in a group.

Originally from south west Africa, they are the smallest cats on the continent.

Although zoo keeper Ken Pelletier usually works with bigger cats, like cheetahs and lynxes, he says he is happy to be working with Drogon.

“It means a lot for me as a cat keeper,” he said. “This is probably the most exciting thing for me in my 20 years at Philadelphia Zoo.”

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The kittens had to undergo a routine wellness check before their public debut to make sure they were healthy, ZooBorns reports. In addition, the zoo keepers gave them dye marks, so they can tell them apart from a distance.

The exhibit was baby-proofed before the kittens got a chance to delve into it. The zoo also lowered the water level in the exhibit and included climbing structures to help them in and out of the pool.

Check out more of the cute kittens below:

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