Mom Pushes Son To Fight Another Kid While The Boy Lashes Out At Her (Video)

In what some are calling the worst parenting ever, a viral video (below) shows a mom forcing her young son to fight another child while the clearly distressed son calls her some not-so-nice names.

The video shows the mom pushing her young son towards another boy in their front yard, encouraging him to fight.

“Square it up equally,” says the mom to her son as he puts up his fists. “Get your hands dirty, Donovan. Get it up, Donovan! Get it up!”

The young boy, apparently named Donovan, keeps his fists in front of his face while his opponent repeatedly swings at him. The boy tries to throw a couple of punches, but winds up getting hit in the face twice.

“Bring it up, Donovan!” yells the pushy mom as her son unsuccessfully attempts to hit back.

Obviously frustrated and hurt, the young boy, who doesn’t appear to be more than 11 years old, screams at his mother.

“F**k you, b***h!” yells the injured boy as he holds his nose.

The mother walks over and tries to get her son to keep fighting, but by that point, he appears to be done, and the opponent, along with his friends, can be seen and heard hysterically laughing before the video ends.

Since being uploaded to World Star Hip Hop, the video has garnered almost 1.5 million views, and commenters have had mixed reactions.

“Honestly, this was harder to watch than most the gore s**t I've seen on Reddit,” said one user. “I feel so bad for that kid, and just everyone involved. It's so disgusting how f**ked that kid's life is because his mom is a b***h. “

Many people expressed the same disgust after watching the viral video, but others said they understood why the mom wanted her son to fight.

“I think his mom was trying to teach him to stand up to bullies and depending in his neighborhood, he's gonna have to learn to fight or get beat up everyday,” responded another user. “I grew up in a neighborhood like that. Your [sic] going to get jumped as often as possible until you finally catch a win on a bully and they learn not to fuck with you anymore. It sucks, it really really does, but its reality.”


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