NFL Stadium Worker Quits After Team Kneels For Anthem (Photos)

NFL Stadium Worker Quits After Team Kneels For Anthem (Photos) Promo Image

A stadium worker for the Buffalo Bills quit his job after several of the team's players knelt in protest during the national anthem. 

"I was [finally] pushed to my limit today and had to quit," Erich Nikischer wrote on Facebook, according to the New York Post. "I [cannot] work in a place where [multimillionaires] cry that they are oppressed." 

Nikischer worked for the Bills for almost 30 years before he quit Sept. 24. 

"I waited until the national anthem ended, I took off my shirt, threw my Bills hat on the ground, walked out," Nikischer told WGRZ. 

In the same interview, Nikischer said he had no problem with players protesting before the anthem, but felt that continuing to kneel during the anthem was taking it too far. 

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"During the national anthem ... the song that is about our country, our veterans that fight and die for us, it's just something I feel you shouldn't disrespect that way," he said. "I believe people have the right to protest; I just don't believe that's the proper venue for it."

Nikischer's Facebook post about his decision to quit has been shared more than 4,700 times, according to the New York Post. Most of the comments applaud Nikischer's decision, with some calling him a "true hero." 

The NFL was swept by a wave of protest after President Donald Trump, at a rally and on Twitter, said kneeling during the national anthem was a sign of disrespect to the U.S. and called for team owners to fire players who knelt during the anthem. 

In response, many players knelt during the anthem. Others chose to stand with arms locked, some joined by coaches and owners. Some teams stayed in their locker rooms during the anthem. 

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"I can't stand and support something where our leader of this country is just acting like a jerk," said Bills running back LeSean McCoy, according to WGRZ. 

Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula released a statement denouncing Trump's comments, according to the New York Post:

President Trump's remarks were divisive and disrespectful to the entire NFL community, but we tried to use them as an opportunity to further unify our team and organization. Our players have the freedom to express themselves in a respectful and thoughtful manner and we all agreed that our sole message is to provide and to promote and environment that is focused on love and equality.

Nikischer told WGRZ that though quitting was a hard decision, he is committed to his belief that the protests are wrong. 

"I will never step foot in that place again, I will never watch an NFL football game again until this ends," he said. 

Sources: New York Post, WGRZ / Featured Image: Dave Hogg/Flickr / Embedded Images: WGRZ via The Washington TimesErich Nikischer/Facebook via WGRZ

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