Puppy Shot With Dozens of BBs and Pellets

An Indiana woman has been left looking for answers after discovering her puppy had been sprayed with more than two dozen BBs and pellets.

Hayden Howard explained that her English Mastiff named Jackson, who is less than a year old, had seemed to be acting normal on April 15 before the dog owner noticed something was very wrong, according to WGHP.

"He had some marks on him and we thought they were bug bites and stuff," said Howard. "Well, then Saturday night, I started noticing holes on him."

Howard took Jackson to the vet, who revealed that the pup had been hit by a number of BB and pellet shots.

"They were just kind of looking at all the little holes and stuff and the more they shaved him, they just kept finding more and more," said the pet owner. "I was in shock, I didn’t even know what to think."

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There was one under his eyelid, there was one in his ear, one in his knee, they were all over, underneath of him," Howard recalled. "They came out there and he handed me this little cup and showed me all these little BBs and I just didn’t know what to say or what to do."

While 27 BBs and pellets were extracted from Jackson's skin, a Seymour police officer reportedly speculated that there had probably been over 60 shots fired at the puppy.

"20-some pulled out of him, 20-some that were probably still in him, and then 20-some that probably hit him and bounced off," relayed Howard. "So he said there were probably over 60-some that actually were shot at him."

Police reportedly traced the angle of the BB fire to Howard's neighbor's house. They said they found evidence potentially connecting the neighbors to the case after obtaining a warrant, though police did not say what the evidence was.

"Additionally, officers and detectives located methamphetamine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia," said Sgt. C.J. Foster, a detective with the Seymour police. "We’ll see if some of that evidence can possibly be sent to the Indiana State Police lab for examination, and potentially do some follow-up interviews and go from that point."

Howard said she didn't know what to think about the evidence connecting her neighbors to the case.

"Their daughter walks him," she said. "I mean, they've been good to him so I don't know what to think about that."

According to Howard, Jackson is at home recovering, and taking medicine. "He's good," she said.

In February 2016, another puppy suffering injuries from a BB gun was fortunate enough to find a home with a family in South Carolina, the New York Daily News reports.

After being shot by teens up to 18 times, little Brody was adopted by a girl, 10, who had lost her dog two months earlier.

Because of his young age, the puppy could not immediately undergo surgery to remove all the pellets, and has therefore required ongoing medical care.

"Kailey lost her best friend Woodrow, a 15-year-old lab, about two months ago. Upon seeing the picture of Brody, Kailey cried," said Project Safe Pet. "When she came in to see Brody, the bond was immediate."

Sources: WGHP, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: WXIN via WGHP, Hustvedt/Wikimedia Commons

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