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Small Dog Rescued After It Falls Down A Well (Video)

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A puppy was saved by a volunteer animal rescue team after she fell down in an open well and struggled to keep her head above water. The video (below) has since gone viral.

Animal Aid Unlimited, an organization that runs animal hospitals and shelters in India, received a phone call on its helpline from Udaipur villagers. They reported that a puppy had fallen into an open well and that she could barely keep her head above the water. They added that she was swimming in circles trying to stay alive.

A team was immediately dispatched to save the puppy, who was moments from drowning when a rescuer was finally lowered in to save the day.

Ganpat, an Animal Aid Unlimited rescuer, was the daring volunteer who strapped a rope around his chest and headed into the well. Once he reached the water, he scooped the puppy into his arms and held her close against his chest as a team of rescuers pulled them out of the well.

The video comes to a conclusion when the dog is placed in a kennel and comforted with blankets. Veterinarians determined that she was hypothermic, but with the aid of hot water bottles she made a full recovery within an hour.

Animal Aid Unlimited, a U.S. based organization, has been working in India since 1999.

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