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Police: Man Left Puppy In Car For 10 Hours

Police in Massachusetts recently rescued a dog after, they say, the owner and a friend left the puppy in a truck while the two men were out drinking. 

Barnstable police nicknamed the German shepherd puppy “Midnight,” according to a story from WFXT News. 

Police reportedly found the dog after responding to a call at a local bar early Monday morning where two men were said to be acting drunk and unruly. 

The men, later identified as 29-year-old Justin Wagner and 27-year-old Matthew Bernier, were sent home in a cab by police, but the two soon called police themselves to report that their truck had been stolen. 

When police responded to that call, they found that the truck had not been stolen and Wagner and Bernier had only forgotten where they had parked it. Police described the two as “belligerent and uncooperative,” according to WFXT. 

Once the truck was located, police reportedly found Midnight in a homemade kennel in the truck’s cab. By that time it was 3 a.m.

“Our animal control officer estimated it could have been up to 125 degrees inside that car,” Sgt. Mark Riley said. 

Police said they believe the dog — estimated to be 8 months old — had been left in the vehicle for about 10 hours and that the two men were selling puppies in the area. 

Midnight was turned over to animal control. Wagner and Bernier were charged with animal cruelty. 

Those charges resemble another incident in which officers in Danvers, Massachusetts, found two dogs left in a hot car Sunday morning in a mall parking lot. 

Danvers Police Lt. James Lovell told The Boston Globe that the officer who recovered the dogs waited for about 30 minutes for the owner to return to the vehicle. The windows were cracked slightly, but the officer decided to enter the vehicle once the owner did not return, Lovell said. 

The dogs were turned over to animal control and said to be in good health. Danvers police sent out a tweet shortly after the incident, saying, “With temps near 90, cracking a window is not enough.”

At last report, the owner of the dogs had not been charged and it had not been determined if the dogs would be returned. 

Sources: WFXT News, The Boston Globe

Photo Credit: Barnstable Police via WFXT News


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