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Puppy Rescued From Drainage Pipe In Phoenix (Video)

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A newborn puppy in Phoenix, Arizona, was rescued after getting stuck in a drainage pipe (video below).

The puppy was discovered after officers arrived at a West Phoenix home to serve a drug-related search warrant. Several dogs were found on the property, including two dead puppies and an adult dog, which was alive. Authorities said they believe the rescued puppy fell into the open drainage pipe while on the front lawn of the home.

The puppy fell in around 11:30 a.m. on Aug. 18, and was finally rescued at 10:30 p.m. Neighbors said the adult dog, which gave birth to the puppies, was a stray that was abandoned by its owners after they were evicted.

For hours, rescue workers dug into the ground and made several attempts to free the puppy from the pipe, to no avail. Camera were used to see inside the pipe and get the dog out, who was visibly shaken throughout the ordeal. 

When the puppy was finally freed, workers wrapped it in a blue blanket and gave it to an animal rescue worker. The Arizona Humane Society transported the pup to a clinic, and will reportedly be transferred to an animal hospital for additional treatment. 

“I just want to cry,” Arizona Humane Society’s Nicole McCormick said of the puppy’s rescue. “We try not to get attached.”

Sources: ABC 15, Fox 10 Phoenix / Photo credit: ABC 15


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