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Puppy Missing For Over A Year Found Alive And Well In Drainpipe, Gets Rescued

A dog missing for over a year was found alive in a drainpipe and was rescued by animal services.

When Nick An was out walking his Great Dane, Leonardo, in a Bethesda, Maryland, neighborhood on Nov. 27, the dog pulled him towards a storm drain, WJLA reported. When he looked inside, he saw a “beat-up looking” dog down in the drain.

A 1-year-old Wheaton terrier named Cookie was trapped in the storm drain, according to WJLA and WTOP. Montgomery County Fire & Rescue teams spent the next two hours trying to retrieve the dog.

The responders removed the bars from the storm drain and tried to lure the terrier out with food. When that didn’t work, they duct taped a ball of towels onto the end of a fire hose. As they slowly pushed the ball into the pipe, Cookie had no choice but to go toward the other opening of the pipe. When he got to the other end, animal services officers were waiting for him with a net. 

Neighbors had formed a crowd, and they cheered when the rescue crew successfully saved the dog.

Cookie was brought to animal services, which said that he must have had a food source as he was not malnourished when he was brought in.

Cookie had been missing since October 2014. 

Pete Piringer, Montgomery County Fire & Rescue's spokesman, said  Cookie's owners were found later that night, and the family has since been reunited with its dog, reports WTOP.

Sources: WTOPWJLA / Photo Credit: Pete Piringer via WTOP

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