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Puppy In Kansas Rescued After Being Fed Bleach And Burned With Chemicals

A puppy in Kansas has been rescued after she was fed bleach and burned with chemicals by her owner.

According to KCTV, Unleashed Pet Rescue And Adoption found the puppy, Bridget, after a Craigslist ad offered “free, abused puppies.”

The person who posted the ad reportedly knew the owner of the puppies, and wanted to find a safe and secure environment for them.

While her two siblings looked fine, rescuers noticed that the abuse to Bridget was severe.

Vets discovered Bridget had chemical burns covering her face, head, and extended inside her mouth and throat down to her stomach.

“I have seen a lot of abuse cases, but never one like this where it was intentionally done to a puppy,” said Danielle Reno with Unleashed.

The 8-week-old black lab mix continues to recover after immediately being taken into surgery to take out metal shavings found in her mouth.

The rescue group posted an update on their Facebook page, saying that she is still recovering and is able to eat on her own.

“We’re really happy that she made it through her surgery,” Reno said. “We just have to take it step by step.”

The group set up a donation page that has raised enough funds to cover the cost of Bridget’s surgery. Any other donations received will benefit other neglected and abused animals.

Police are investigating after they were given information on the original owner. Bridget’s siblings will be put up for adoption in a few weeks.

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