Puppy Discovered Trapped In Dumpster Dehydrated, Starving (Video)


Law enforcement officials in Portsmouth, Virginia, are attempting to find out who threw a live puppy in a Portsmouth dumpster.

George Theus discovered the puppy on July 16 as he was renovating his home, police said. According to him, he initially noticed a yellow tarp in a dumpster he had been using to throw away debris. When he investigated further, he found a two-pound puppy in a cage.

“When I raised myself up there, there was a puppy in there that I thought was a possum or some other kind of animal,” Theus told WAVY News, “and then when I assessed it, it was a little gray pit bull in a cage.”

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Soon after his discovery, he and another man lifted the cage out before contacting the authorities.

“’Dear Lord, look at that puppy,’” Officer Brenda Quintana of when she first arrived at the scene. “That’s all that just kept going through my mind.”

“I was kind of crushed because I love dogs and stuff,” said Theus.

According to animal control, the puppy was found to be a five to six-week-old pit bull mix. She was very thin and dehydrated when first discovered and they have since been named Thia.

“She was extremely emaciated,” said police in a statement, “and weighed approximately two pounds.”

Authorities took the animal to the animal hospital and the Portsmouth Humane Society. However, she has since died from her injuries.

As of now, investigators are unsure as to who put her there.

“We found her on a very hot day, but there were storms prior to, a couple days prior. Was she in there then?” the police officer said. “… It’s just heinous. It’s unnecessary.”

“You know, we would have taken it somewhere so it could have gotten some care, if they didn’t want to keep it,” neighbor and dog owner Daisy Holloway told WAVY News. “But to just toss it in the dumpster, it was like tossing a baby in there and that was horrible.”

As of yet, the animal’s cause of death is unknown. PETA is reportedly offering a $2,500 reward for information on the suspect.

Source: WTVR, WAVY

Photo Credit: WTVR, Portsmouth Police Dept.


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