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Puppy Dies from Heart Attack after Brutal Mauling by 2 Pit Bulls

Drake, the Labrador puppy who was attacked by two Pit Bulls along with his owner, Max Mesa, 10, in Germantown, MD., on October 6, suffered a heart attack, caused by a blood clot which left the adorable little pup brain damaged.


Veterinarians at Lake Forest Animal Hospital were able to restart his heart, but his condition did not improve and he was euthanized on Thursday, according to Gazette.Net.

Veterinarian Mark Liberto at the Lake Forest Animal Hospital, where Drake had been treated after the horrific attack by two Pit Bulls, told Gazette reporter St. John Barnet-Smith that blood clots are a common complication in cases with "...multiple injuries caused by a crushing bite.” In Drake's case, his bones were crushed during the attack, rather than a clean break. This caused blood clots to form, one of which traveled to and then stopped the puppy’s heart.

Drake’s owner, 10-year-old Max Mesa, is recovering from scratches and bites on his arms when he tried to hold onto Drake and protect him during the attack. But according to a witness, Larry Solomon, the Pit Bulls tore Drake from Max's arms and were trying to dismember the puppy.

Two of Drake's legs were broken in the attack, along with his jaw, and half of his ear was torn off. He also received lacerations all over his body, Lake Forest Veterinary Hospital officials said.

Drake’s total veterinary bill will total between $5,000 and $6,000--a sum that’s “going to be pretty difficult to pay," said a family member.

A fundraiser page has been set up to help the family, according to Anyone wishing to assist may visit

Author's Note: Sincerest thanks to Erika Birk, Opposing Views Top Commenter, who expressed her compassion for this little puppy and the family and who alerted us to this update on Drake.



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