Puppy Stuck In Well Cries When Rescuers Arrive (Video)


An animal rescue organization in India caught the moment a puppy sobbed when she saw her rescuers coming to save her on video (below).

When the Animal Aid Unlimited, India team got a call about a puppy stuck in a deep well, they rushed to the scene to rescue the poor dog. 

“We got a call that a dog had fallen into a deep well in a village outside of Udaipur," the group wrote in a description for a video of the incident on its YouTube page on Aug. 11. "When we arrived, we found a heartbroken dog desperate to be helped."

A rescuer suited up in a harness and was lowered down to the bottom of the well. He was met by Ruby, the terrified puppy. Upon seeing her rescuers in front of her, Ruby began to cry -- clearly shaken up by the scary experience she had, but relieved it was finally over.

Many viewers praised the rescuers for their efforts, and pleaded with them to have the well filled in and be better protected.

“Poor baby I hope she's ok," one reader wrote on LittleThings' Facebook page. "Thanks to her rescuers for getting her to safety! That opening is dangerous and should be filled in."

“Thanks for saving that puppy!" another added. "You're angel's for sure. Keep up the great work!! Maybe they could put up a fence around the well, so no other furbabies or small children fall in."

“Wow! The fellow who abseiled down to rescue this dog is a truly brave man,” one reader wrote on the Animal Aid Unlimited, India YouTube page. He took some pretty serious risks doing this. I'm highly impressed."

Sources: LittleThings, LittleThings/Facebook, Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube / Photo credit: LittleThings/Facebook 

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