Puppy Bought for Terminally Ill Little Girl Stolen By Woman Who Agreed to Deliver It


When a Riverside, California woman found out through mutual friends that a terminally ill girl’s dream was to have a pug puppy, she was deeply moved and decided that she would purchase one for her.

Shawna Hamon, 45, set up to have the pug, named Mu Shu, delivered to the 8-year-old girl with leukemia in Sacramento through an acquaintance she knew from dog rescue work. The dog never made it to the young girl, however, as the woman entrusted to deliver the dog decided to keep it for herself.

“We looked to get her one for Christmas to make her Christmas dream come true – because she was terminally ill,” said Hamon.

When Hamon discovered that the dog never made it to Sacramento, she attempted to contact the woman she trusted to deliver it. At first, the woman tried to avoid Hamon’s calls, but eventually, after Hamon sent an attorney and an animal deliver service to the woman’s house, she refused to give Mu Shu up.

After Hamon filed a report and a search warrant was served, the dog was not found at the woman’s residence when authorities arrived. Eventually, Mu Shu was found at the woman’s neighbor’s house.

“Yesterday, he called me on his way back and said, ‘I’ve got your baby sitting in my lap',” said Hamon of the moment when Riverside police officer Anthony Watkins told her he had found the pug. “She’s doing very well.”

“It was just a blessing,” said Hamon of the police efforts. “I’m so blessed that they went and above beyond to make this little girl’s dream come true.”

Riverside Police Sgt. Kevin Townsend called the dog thief a “crazy woman” as they plan to charge her with felony theft.

Hamon says she will personally deliver the dog to the sick 8-year-old girl, who is currently being treated at a hospital in Philadelphia.


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