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Puppy and 10-Year-Old Boy Recovering from Brutal Attack by 2 Pit Bulls

A 10-year-old boy and his Labrador puppy are recuperating from a brutal attack by two Pit Bulls in Germantown, MD.Max Mesa, 10, suffered numerous scratches and bites to his arms as he tried to save his puppy, Drake, from two vicious Pit Bulls.Drake was released last week from Lake Forest Animal Hospital in Gaithersburg, after extensive treatment for serious injuries suffered during the attack. 

The two Pit Bulls grabbed Drake from Max’s arms, breaking the puppy's jaw and two legs and biting off part of his ear. Max tried to hang onto Drake and was bitten on his hands and arms, according to witness, Larry Solomon, who heard Max calling for help and ran from his home to try and help.

The attack occurred on October 6, while Max was visiting his grandparents, Miguel and Tarazila Paz in Germantown, which is about 31 miles from Washington, D.C. He decided to take 8-week-old Drake, for a walk in the 12400 block of Quailwoods Drive. Within a few moments two Pit Bulls escaped off their leashes and attacked both the boy and his dog, according to Gazette.Net.

Daisy Cardenas, the boy’s mother, said, “They attacked both the dog and my son, right there in the street. My son started running. I guess he wanted to go inside the house and he couldn’t do it,” she told NBC News4.

“The two dogs had the little puppy [in their] mouth,” Cardenas said.She and two neighbors heard the screaming but couldn’t get the Pit Bulls away from the puppy and Max using a broom and spraying the dogs with water from a hose.

“I heard this horrible screaming and barking,” said Larry Solomon, ”the two Pit Bulls were trying to ‘dismember’ Drake.”

"It was awful," Solomon recalled. "He [Max] was screaming at the dogs to leave him alone and let go. The dogs were jumping on him and biting him on the arms. They were scratching, and they actually grabbed the puppy out of his arms--starting to try and kill it."

“No one wants to see a puppy ripped to shreds by two Pit Bulls,” he said.Solomon and several other neighbors tried to pull the dogs off Max and Drake, but the Pit Bulls didn’t even seem to notice I was there, Solomon added.

Solomon said the dogs finally stopped once a neighbor hit them with a garden hose.

Max’s uncle, Fabian Paz, was also at the grandparents’ home. “I went out, saw Max carrying Drake all bloody,” Fabian Paz said. Max had scratches and bites on his arms.” Paz said he picked up Drake and was horrified at how badly the pup had been hurt. ”I saw his leg dangling, and took him to the vet right away,” he said.”

Both the boy and his dog are recuperating. Fabian Paz said Max was bitten on both arms. “They’re swollen, but he’s doing fine,” he said.

Animal Control seized the male and female Pit Bulls involved in the attack later on October 6 from someone who was described as the dogs’ “caretaker.” That person was given six citations, according to reports.

On October 16 the reported that one of the Pit Bulls has been euthanized, according to Montgomery County Animal Control officials. The second dog, named Legion, is still being cared for at the County shelter.

Omar Amaya, who lives a few doors down from Max’s grandparents, said the same vicious dogs attacked his gentle blue Pit Bull,Rhino, a few days before the incident involving Max and Drake.  Rhino was no match for the two aggressive dogs. "They ran after him and attacked him on the neck and hind legs," Amaya stated.Photos of Rhino show deep gashes in his neck and throat area, from which the dog is now recovering.

Amaya said,“They [pit bulls] are very loyal and strong.It’s a bad combination when paired with irresponsible owners.”

Officials at the Lake Forest Animal Hospital say that Drake has been a “good little patient.” They had to keep him sedated for 10 days because of his injuries and to keep him from moving around too much, they said.

The veterinarian confirmed that two of Drake’s legs were broken in the attack, along with his jaw, and half of his ear was torn off.  He also received lacerations all over his body, hospital officials said.

Family members were told Drake’s total bill will total between $5,000 and $6,000, Fabian Paz said, a sum that’s “going to be pretty difficult to pay.”

(NBCWashington - Oct 7, 2012)


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