Puppies Banned from Bethany, Oklahoma After Jumping on a Woman


Bethany, Oklahoma, is now two dogs short after a judge ruled the were banned from the city. 14-month-old Brutus and 8-month-old Athena, who are both American Bulldogs, were facing euthanasia after they jumped on the police chief’s wife.

The wife of the Bethany police chief claimed the dogs jumped on her, scratched and bit her. Their owner, Cole Werner, said his dogs were just puppies when they encountered the unnamed woman. He said that the dogs never bit her. “[Brutus] was wrong in jumping on her, I don’t disagree with that. That can be corrected with training. But there’s not a good justification for putting him down,” he said.

Athena and Brutus had snuck into the woman’s yard several times, but they had never bitten her before the alleged incident. It’s unsurprising that the dogs had visited her property, American bulldogs are capable of jumping over tall fences and are known for being social towards strangers. In court, the woman said she believed the dogs were dangerous and needed to be euthanized. 

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Werner thought it was preposterous that the case was brought to court and felt euthanasia was an unnecessarily extreme measure.  “[The dogs] have never bitten anyone,” he said. “I don’t understand why a small abrasion is enough to put a dog to sleep.”

The judge who ruled on the case said every person has the right to live peacefully and without fear in their home, and if the owners ever bring the dogs back to Bethany, they will be fined and found in contempt of court.

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Both the police chief and his wife declined to comment on the verdict. 

American bulldogs are actually noted for their general lack of hostility towards people. They’re considered loyal, reliable, brave, determined and gentle enough for children. 

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Image via KOCO


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