The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised millions for the ALS Foundation, but now a new online challenge has been issued, not to raise money to fight disease, but rather to get young black men to pull their pants up.

The “Pull Your Pants Up” challenge was started by an African-American man, Charles Patrick (video below), but has gone viral thanks to a U.S. Marine named Malik S. King (video below) who is also black.

According to, King says in the video, "We're quick in our communities to talk about racial profiling, but what we don’t want to focus on is what we’re doing to contribute to the problem, even if just a little bit."

"We need to start thinking about how we represent ourselves, how we talk, how we act, how we deal with police," adds King. "We need to stop talking, acting, and living like thugs, and start talking, acting, and living like men. Stop making the conscious decision to fit the description.” notes that journalist Marc Lamont Hill said today on CNN (video below) that this racial-based challenge "suggests that somehow there’s a connection between black male profiling and our pants being sagging.”

"Before black people pulled their pants down, they were still being locked up," added Lamont Hill. "If we continue to tell young black men that they can behave or dress or otherwise demonstrate their way out of police oppression or police abuse, then we’re blaming the victim.”

King admitted that racial profiling of black young men did exist, but added that some black communities could be "reinforcing these negative stereotypes" of black young men via the saggy pants.

Tara Setmayer, a writer for The Blaze, countered, “I find it hard to believe that Marc would be as educated as he is and as much as he has contributed to the black community and trying to overcome the negativity that’s in the community that he would actually sit here and try to justify emulating bad behavior."

Lamont Hill said that he wore his pants sagging down and went to an Ivy league school. He explained that a dislike for sagging pants and racial profiling of black men by the police were two different topics.

Lamont Hill also mentioned that young white people also wear saggy pants.

(“Pull Your Pants Up” Challenge by Malik S. King)

(Original “Pull Your Pants Up” Challenge by Charles Patrick)



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