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Pull Kids Out of Public Schools With Transgender Rights, Advises Family Research Council (Audio)

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins announced on his radio show today that he would would pull his daughters out of any public school that protected the rights of transgender students as a new California law does.

Speaking on his "Washington Watch" program, Perkins disparaged transgender rights, but praised his wife for sacrificing her career to homeschool their children, noted (audio below).

"If I were to put them in public school, which I have not, my wife has sacrificed her career to homeschool our children, which I'm extremely grateful for. But let's say our kids were in the public schools, this might even be something that would trigger me to pull them out of the public schools," said Perkins.

"At a minimum, if my girls played sports, I would probably pull them out of sports programs because of the exposure they may have as a result of a crazy policy like this... This is not about tolerance, this about forcing all of America to accept a very twisted view of nature and sexuality."

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