Puerto Rico Aide Heidi Wys in Hot Water After Ignorant, Racist Obama Tweets


Heidi Wys just can’t keep her mouth shut.

The adviser to House of Representatives President Jenniffer Gonzalez (pictured) sent a tweet to President Obama that sparked some serious outrage and many are calling her to resign.

Last week, President Obama tweeted that Michelle Obama’s birthday was coming up soon. Wys weeted in response, “Who cares? Take her to Burger King, buy her a sundae with double banana, take her to your homeland, Kenya!

The member of Puerto Rico’s New Progressive Party doesn’t identify as either a Democrat or Republican, but she clearly buys into a portion of the right-wing agenda that consistently spreads lies and rumors about Obama’s birthplace, religion, citizenship and anything else they can think of.

This isn’t the first time Wys has attacked Obama.

In late July, she asked reporters of a Puerto Rico online newspaper to investigate Obama’s birth certificate authenticity. In mid-June, she responded to Obama’s tweet “A chance to have dinner with the President is a chance worth taking,” with this gem: “@BarackObama Wah! Wah! I feel like vomiting! Dinner with a guy borned in Kenya and claims he was borned in Hawaii!”

Not only should Wys end her Twitter trolling, she should learn proper grammar.

Wys claims that even though she’s anti-Obama, she’s not racist. Her proof? “My favorite nieces are dark-skinned!” she tweeted. Wys sure knows how to dig herself into an even deeper hole.

Since her latest tweet attacking the President, legislators have rightfully insisted that she resign.

According to Daily Mail, Senator Juan Eugenio Hernandez said, “it is a racist comment from a person who must have great hatred within. This is placing the name of Puerto Ricans across the world in a very precarious situation.”

Melissa Mark Viverito of the New York City Council was similarly disgusted by Wys’ comments, calling them “vile, disgusting, and represent the height of ignorance.”

Even Gonzalez distanced herself from Weis, stating that she didn’t monitor any colleagues’ social media accounts.

In the midst of the controversy, only now has Wys become silent. We can only hope this will be the end of her ignorant statements. While many may argue freedom of speech, there’s no need for a political advisor to reduce herself to such a low level of immaturity.


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