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Publishers Reject Book Deal For Casey Anthony

We are pleased to report that it looks as though an NBC news producer’s attempt to get a free interview with Casey Anthony by getting the murder mom a lucrative book deal will fail.

TMZ reports that they have learned through their calls to three major book publishers that Anthony is persona non grata and will never be paid by them for anything.

The statements below tell the story:

Simon and Schuster: “We are 100% not interested. We are NOT NOT NOT interested. Simon & Schuster is not publishing, and has never intended to publish, any book by Casey Anthony, her family, or any member of her team.

Harper Collins: “We are planning on publishing the Prosecutor’s book who was involved in the Casey Anthony case, so we have no plans in releasing a Casey Anthony book. We’re sticking with the prosecutor.”

Penguin Group: “We have no plans on doing a book deal with Casey Anthony.”

Another publisher actually went so far as to say, “Hell no … it’s blood money.”

And this is just as it should be.


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