Public School Asks Parents for Permission to Use Physical Discipline, Outrage Follows (Video)

Wendy Chandler, a mom in Leeds, Ala., was shocked when a "Back to School" packet that was recently sent home with her daughter included a "Corporal Punishment Parental Consent Form."

The form states: "According to Leeds City Schools Public Policy, parents or legal guardians who do not want corporal punishment to be administered to their child/children must inform the principal of the school on an annual basis."

The form also says that if parents do not fill it out and give it back to their child's school, then the school will count that as consent to administer some type of non-specific physical discipline (video below).

"I cannot imagine how it would ever be okay to show violence towards anyone. Hitting a child is beyond disgraceful. Anyone who could hit a child should be thrown in jail,"
Chandler told The Huffington Post.

"My immediate concern is for all those other kids [whose parents agreed] because those children are my child’s future colleagues and neighbors."

The activist mom has started a Change.org petition to ban physical discipline in public schools nationwide.

As of 2013, a total of 19 states allow public schools to administer physical discipline to children.

However, the ACLU and Human Rights Watch reported in 2008 that students in these states are often hit with paddles for chewing gum and dress code violations.

Source: ACLU.org, The Huffington Post.Change.org


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