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PTR Industries Promises to Bring 145 Jobs to South Carolina

The people of Horry County, S.C., have good reason to celebrate. PTR Industries, a Connecticut-based gun manufacturer, plans to relocate to South Carolina and bring along with it 145 new jobs.

They say one man’s loss is another man’s gain, and that is definitely true in this case. PTR is escaping Connecticut following a surge of gun control laws. PTR officials hope that the company will be able to prosper in the much more gun-friendly state of South Carolina.

"PTR is very excited to begin the process and write the next chapter for our company here in South Carolina," said Josh Fiorini, president of PTR Industries. "I'd like to thank and commend the leadership of South Carolina and Horry County who have demonstrated their commitment to jobs and industry for the area and the taxpayers. We look forward to doing business here and joining the rising tide of the Myrtle Beach area economy."

Naturally, the people of South Carolina are just as thrilled as Fiorini.

"We welcome PTR Industries to the South Carolina business community, and we celebrate the company's decision to invest $8 million and create 145 new jobs in the Myrtle Beach area," said Gov. Nikki Haley. "Announcements like this show that South Carolina is the new ‘it' place for doing business.”

That kind of economic boost is easy for anybody to get behind, even the pro-gun control crowd. It is hard to argue with an extra $8 million floating around the local economy and a chance at one of those 145 jobs.

Conversely, Connecticut will probably be reeling once PTR packs up and leaves. Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy met with gun manufacturers weeks ago to ask them not to leave, all while pushing stricter gun control laws. The half-hearted pleas did not do much to sway PTR Industries, so PTR sent Connecticut legislators a powerful message: promote gun control legislation at your own risk. 

Source: WBTW


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