Psychology Today Fires Satoshi Kanazawa: Said Black Women "Less Attractive"


The website for the magazine Psychology Today says it will no longer run a blog by the man who wrote a story claiming black women are more unattractive than women of other races and ethnicities.

Satoshi Kanazawa's post last month drew worldwide criticism, much of it directed at Psychology Today because it appeared that the prestigious magazine was endorsing Kanazawa's opinion.

However, the magazine quickly withdrew the article and disavowed it. Now it is going one step further -- according to the website, PsychologyToday sent an email to the largest online black political organization,, saying Kanazawa's writing will no longer appear on the site. Psychology Today also said it has instituted new rules to prevent such inflammatory content in the future.

Huliq writes:

Kanazawa’s blogs, for as long as Psychology Today has published them (a little over five years now) have always been controversial, racist, sexist, and unfounded. Most of his blogs are hypotheses on human nature (or why men and women do the things that they do). Readers are drawn into Kanazawa's ideologies because his notions offer one explanation for human behavior in our contemporary culture and its current setting.

Kanazawa is also a professor at the London School of Economics. Many students there have called for his resignation.


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