Psychic Mark Edward Reveals How He Fooled People, Spoke to the Dead

Professional psychic Mark Edward Wilson is revealing the tricks behind his trade in his new book 'Psychic Blues: Confessions of a Conflicted Medium,' reports the Daily Mail.

For 40 years, the 61-year-old psychic, who goes by Mark Edward, has been making a living by pretending to talk to the dead and predicting the future.

One of his tricks was pre-screening the audience before the show. He would talk to a member of the audience who might mention that his father’s name was "Louis."

Later, during his show, Edward would say, "The name that comes to my mind is Lou. Who is Lou?"

Amazingly, most spectators had forgotten they had spoken to him prior to the show.

Edward told the New York Times: "My conscience, I could no longer do it. I’d been walking both sides of the line. My magician friends thought I was selling out to the psychics, and the psychics thought I was selling out to the skeptics."

The key to Edward's psychic powers his making vague, general statements about problems that are common to most people.

Even though he feels guilty about cheating people, Edward is still in the psychic business.

His day job is working for the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation department, but he still performs psychic services on the side.

In his view, however, Edward is still one of the ‘good guys’ such as Penn and Teller and James Randi, who perform tricks, but teach people how not to get cheated in the future.


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