Psychiatrist Michael Weiss Claims Attacker Jacob Nolan Was Acting As Hit Man, According to Lawsuit


A $5 million lawsuit claims that a man who attacked a psychiatrist in his New York City office was acting as a hit man for the psychiatrist’s ex-girlfriend.

The New York Daily News reports that in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, psychiatrist Michael Weiss says his supposedly "deranged" attacker, Jacob Nolan (in the photo to the right), is his ex-girlfriend's cousin, and assaulted him at her behest so she could cash in on Weiss' $1.5 million life insurance policy.

The 21-year-old Nolan is being held without bail on attempted murder charges for the attack that took place last November. According to police, Nolan went to Weiss’ office and asked to use the bathroom. He then came out with a a sledgehammer and knife and attacked Weiss, who was reportedly stabbed eight times before getting the knife away from Nolan and stabbing him back.

The lawsuit notes that Nolan is the cousin of Weiss' ex-girlfriend, Pamela Buchbinder, and that he was living with her in her apartment at the time of the attack. Weiss and Buchbinder reportedly had an intimate relationship and have a five-year old son.

Weiss and Buchbinder became involved in an acrimonious dispute at the Family Court over their son which was only settled just before the attack, according to Mail Online, which also reports that one of the stipulations of the settlement was that Weiss take a $1.5 million life insurance policy as security for his child should he die suddenly.

The suit also alleges that Buchbinder turned Nolan against Weiss by saying he sexually abused his son and beat her. It’s also alleged in the suit that she helped Nolan plan the attack and got him the sledgehammer and the knife, although there is no evidence provided to back that claim up.

The suit names both Buchbinder and Nolan as defendants.

Sources: New York Daily News, Mail Online


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