Provocative West Hollywood Breastfeeding Billboard Pulled By CougarLife

A Sunset Boulevard billboard that sexualizes breastfeeding was taken down Thursday morning in response to community pressure.

Much of the response came from the West Hollywood Farmers Market, where people of all ages often visit. However, the billboard’s manufacturer, CougarLife, said the location was perfect for its advertisement, and that it's used to dealing with provocative content.

CougarLife’s website focuses on divorcees and single moms with amusing usernames like “easykitty” and “hotmama”.

“There is no reason for this billboard to be taken down,” CougarLife spokesperson Marlo Jordan said, "There is nothing more natural than a woman breastfeeding."

The billboard pixelates part of the image, and a thought bubble from the baby’s head reads: “Jealous?”

"A mother breastfeeding can still be sexy." Jordan said, after community members worked to remove the billboard. He argued that the billboard represents the relationship between an older woman and a younger man, which she’s surprised still provokes people.

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Sources: The Huffington Post,, SF Gate


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