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Protests Outside Of St. Louis Police Headquarters Turn Into Standoff With Officers

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A group of protesters reportedly tried to storm the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on Wednesday.

The protests started at about 10:30 a.m. when a small portion of the group entered the lobby of the station to stage a sit-in. The group, who vowed to remain at the station for four and a half hours, presented the department with a list of demands that included a meeting with either Police Chief Sam Dodson or Mayor Francis Slay, as well as the immediate termination of two officers, Flannery and Hayes. Outside of the station, other protesters chanted, "Free the people!" and "Show me what democracy looks like!"

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Shelina Ramnarine, 26, told reporters that she believed the demonstrations were necessary to get the message across, and the issue is as relevant as it was after the Michael Brown shooting in August. “What has changed?" Ramnarine asked the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Can you tell me anything that has actually changed in the way of laws?"

The demonstrations quickly turned into a standoff between officers and protesters when police linked arms and formed a barricade in front of the door, preventing any additional demonstrators to enter the building. Officers reportedly used pepper spray on the crowd after many tried to run into the building.

According to Fox 2 News, five people were arrested and will be charged with trespassing and peace disturbance. One of the five protesters was also charged with third degree assault after reportedly assaulting a City Marshall.

Sources: Fox 2 News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Photo Credit:,


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