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Protests Erupt In St. Louis After Bosnian Man Killed By Hammer-Wielding Teens (Video)

Protests have erupted in St. Louis, Missouri, after a Bosnian man was brutally murdered by three teens wielding hammers. The suspects have been identified as "a group of Hispanic and black males," according to The Daily Mail.

Reports say that 32-year-old Zemir Begic was in his vehicle early Sunday morning when three teens began damaging his car with hammers. When Begic got out of the car to stop them, the teens began to attack him. Ultimately, the injuries he suffered to his body were too severe, and he was pronounced dead a short time later at a local hospital.

Hours later, members of the Bosnian community took to the streets to protest the brutal killing, blocking off a city intersection with their demonstration.

“We’re just angry because we’re trying to protect our community,” said 29-year-old Mirza Nukic. “We’re just trying to be peaceful.”

Begic’s wife Arijana Mujkanovic says that her husband pushed her out of harms way when he was being attacked in order to save her life.

“He didn't deserve this,” Mujkanovic said to KDSK.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson addressed the angry Bosnian protesters on Sunday night, reassuring them that the authorities will make sure that they are safe.

“I heard your message loud and clear. You want to make sure you are safe,” Dotson said. “I want to make sure you are safe and every neighborhood in our city.”

Dotson made clear that there was no indication the men targeted Begic because he was Bosnian, but local Bosnian residents say they are still fearful that similar attacks could occur going forward.

“I hope justice is served for my brother because he didn’t deserve this at all,” said Begic’s sister, Denisa Begic.

Two of the suspects, ages 15 and 16, are currently in police custody.

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