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Protester Arrested In Miami After Pulling Out Toy Penis From Pants

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The infamous New York City street performer Kalan Sherrard was arrested on Sunday in Miami after he pulled out a prosthetic penis sex toy from his pants during a demonstration against the nation’s wealthy.

Sherrard was protesting the rich with about 30 other people outside the Miami Beach Convention Center when he was arrested. When he and a companion attempted to enter the convention center, security officers denied the two activists entrance because they were dressed “too artistically." Sherrard and his companion then spent the next hour wandering around outside asking those who passed by for clothing.

Following a “very basic anti-world rant," Sherrard reported that security and police accosted him and his companion. Maria Valenzuela, who was arrested alongside the activist, reportedly tackled an officer dealing with Sherrard.

At some point, Sherrard placed his right hand on his pants toward his groin and retrieved the prosthetic toy, though officers couldn’t give a reason for the gesture.

“Only us,” one Miami Beach police officer said.

Police reported that the two activists were also shouting obscenities during their arrest.

Sherrard noted that he and Valenzuela were both placed in a small van and forced to wait for four hours before being transported to jail. They were released at 6 a.m. on Monday after posting $1,500 in bail each.

Sherrard was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence. In April, the 27-year-old was also charged with a crime after performing a nihilist-anarchist puppet show in the Times Square subway station. Sherrard, however, claimed that the arrest was unlawful and that officers broke some of his puppets.

Officer Alex Delgado reported that the prosthetic toy has since been impounded.

Sources: NY Daily News, Miami Herald

Photo Credit:, Miami-Dade Corrections


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