Protesters In The Ukraine Pull Down, Decapitate Lenin Statue (Video)


For the third Sunday in a row Ukrainians have gathered to protest the government moving away from the European Union to closer ties with Russia.

Angry demonstrators pulled down a statue of communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin in Kiev while cheering and chanting “Glory to Ukraine.”

The crowd beat the statue with sledgehammers in a show disdain for Moscow ideals.

In the biggest protest since 2004, the Associated Press reported that more than 500,000 people gathered above the city’s main square waving EU flags and singing the national anthem.

The news comes just after government officials said they were investigating politicians for possible "actions aimed at seizing state power."

"We are on a razor's edge between a final plunge into cruel dictatorship and a return home to the European community," jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said in a statement.

"Yanukovych has lost legitimacy as president ... He is no longer the president of our state. He is a tyrant," said Tymoshenko’s statement, which her daughter read to the crowd.

Tymoshenko and the opposition party want to "chase" President Viktor Yanukovych "until he falls."

"Don't give in, not a step back, don't give up, the future of Ukraine is in your hands,” she told protesters.

"Ukraine is tired of Yanukovych, we need new rules, we need to completely change those in power," said 42-year-old protester Kostyantyn Meselyuk. "Europe can help us."

As night fell in Kiev, protestors blocked key government buildings with cars, tents, and barricades, leading to more rumors about an attempt to take over the government.

Sources: Newser, BBC News


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