Protesters Support Musician Arrested in NYC Subway for Singing (Video)


Andrew Kalleen was recently arrested while singing in a subway in Brooklyn, New York.

A video filmed by a witness showed Kalleen explaining to a NYPD police officer that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority "permitted" artistic performances in the subway, but the officer claimed the law meant that Kalleen needed a permit.

The NYPD originally defended the arrest, but after the video of the incident went viral, the NYPD voided the arrest and said the officer would be retrained.

A group of protesters, including two City Council members, gathered in a New York subway with Kalleen on Tuesday to lend him their support (video below).

“This time, I decided that I was just going to stand up for my rights and say no," Kalleen told CBS New York. "These incidents continue to happen on a daily basis, and we are taught to obey the authorities, so people do. And they leave their spots, and it’s not legal.”

Matthew Christian, an activist with BuskNY, added, "For some reason, that’s perceived as progress within the Police Department, where as for much of New York, it’s perceived as a crackdown on things that MTA riders really love."

According to the Associated Press, Kalleen filed a formal complaint against the NYPD after the protest rally. A formal complaint is often the first step before a lawsuit.

The NYPD says it is looking into the matter, but the officer has not been disciplined.

Sources: CBS New York, Associated Press


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