Protesters Hope to Keep Immigrant Children Out of Arizona Town (Video)


Protesters in Oracle, Ariz., are planning to lock hands today to keep out a bus of 40 unaccompanied immigrant children and prevent the youngsters from arriving at a local boys home, the Sycamore Canyon Academy.

The protesters are hoping they can turn the bus away as other anti-immigrant demonstrators did in Murrieta, Calif., a few weeks ago.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu warned citizens that the immigrant children were coming to Oracle, which has stirred local anger (video below).

Sheriff Babeu stated on the Sheriff's Office Facebook page yesterday: "These children should be returned to their home country, not to Oracle, Arizona paid for by American taxpayers. We understand there will be protesters who support and oppose ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) bringing the foreign juveniles to Oracle. The Sheriff's Office will work to ensure the peace is maintained at these lawful assemblies."

Oracle protest organizer Robert Skiba told the Associated Press, "We don't know who they are. We don't know their health conditions. We don't know a doggone thing because the federal government isn't telling us anything."

However, the Latino civil rights group Somos America is planning to protest the anti-immigrant protesters in Oracle.

Somos America said in a statement, "They are using fear and hatred in hopes of generating demonstrations similar to recent events in Murrieta, California. Somos America condemns those actions and seeks to provide a peaceful alternative to the fear-based panic which is being caused by the recklessness of tea party agitators and Sheriff Paul Babeu."

Immigration rights advocate Enrique Morones told CNN, "If these children were from Canada, we would not be having this interview. The parents have had enough. They are saying, 'If I don't send my child north, they are going to die.'"

Sources: CNN, Facebook, Associated Press


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