Trump Protesters Stomp On American Flag (Video)


A small group of protestors outside of a campaign event for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump upset onlookers by stomping and spitting on an American flag (video below).

On April 3, Trump participated in a town hall meeting moderated by Fox News host Greta Van Susteren at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, two days before the Wisconsin primary.

Just outside of the university were roughly 100 protesters, The Blaze reports.

One cluster of protesters were stomping on an American flag. The demonstration prompted reporters to ask the apparent leader of the group why they would desecrate the flag.

“F--- this flag, f--- this country,” the protester said. “This red, white and blue, this s--- is the new swastika.”

The protester clarified “I’m not here specifically for Trump.”

Instead, he was protesting the death of teenage Corey Stingley, an African-American student of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who was killed in 2012 after being caught shoplifting.

“Corey Stingley was a young individual who went to this school,” the protester said, according to Bizpac Review. “Three white gentlemen choked him to death because he attempted to steal some items from a store even though he put the items back and attempted to leave.”

Stingley, 16, had attempted to shoplift some alcohol at a food mart in West Allis, Wisconsin, in December 2012, WITI reports.

When confronted by the clerk, Stingley panicked and attempted to flee when three customers intercepted him and pinned him down. By the time police had arrived, the young man was no longer breathing and later died.

Milwaukee County police did not file criminal charges against the three men, but Stingley’s family did file a wrongful death suit.

The alleged lack of justice for Stingley had prompted the protesters to abuse the flag. They did at one point take turns spitting on it. One man approached the group demanding they stop stomping on the banner, threatening “I want that f------ flag off the ground f------ now.”

Onlookers defended the group’s right to protest. Feelings between Trump protesters and supporters grew so tense during the town hall meeting that police decided to separate the two groups.

The majority of Trump protesters on the scene were not affiliated with those desecrating the American flag.

WARNING: Strong language.

Sources: Bizpac ReviewThe Blaze, WITI / Photo credit: The Alex Jones Show/YouTube

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