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Protester Thrown Out Of Mud Pit By Pig Wrestler (Video)

Activists disguised themselves as pig wrestlers at the Utah County Fair Wednesday so they could get into the ring and speak out against the event that they think is a form of animal cruelty.

“The Utah County Fair is profiting on the exploitation of animals in a cruel manner,” one protester said before the event.

The four protesters signed up for the event and were placed in the ring with the expectation they would wrestle the pig. Wearing rainbow-colored wigs and clown bow ties they turned towards the audience with signs after the start buzzer (video below). 

For 60 seconds they held the anti pig wrestling signs until their time in the ring was up and the announcer asked them to leave.

One of the protesters was thrown over the fence by a participating wrestler and his body slammed to the floor in front of the crowd.

According to the Utah County Fair website, the event is “old-fashioned family fun for all ages.”

"The event is done by setting up a round pen and filling it with about 8 inches of wet bentonite (a clay which is slicker than slick when wet),” the fair website explains. “A barrel is then set in the center of the pen and a pig is turned loose in it. The object then is for a 4-person team to catch the pig and then place the pig in the barrel, rear-end first, in the shortest amount of time, working around a one minute time limit.”

The rules of the event prohibit any action that may harm the pig, and the barrel is partially filled with bedding to pad the pig’s rear-end.

An individual aged 5 and up may participate on a team, with children under 8 years old wrestling a piglet.

A member of the wrestling team, Brody Steele, thinks protesting the event is funny, The Daily Mail reports.

“We were joking about it the other day,” Steele said. “People were calling us racist animal abusers.”

The protesters are considering pressing assault charges.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Utah County Fair

Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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