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Protest Against Cleveland Police for Killing Black Boy, 12 (Video)

Tamir Rice, 12, was shot by police officers last Saturday at a Cleveland, Ohio, park.

Rice was carrying a black toy handgun when an unidentified citizen called police and said it was probably a "fake gun."

Rice died early Sunday morning from gunshot wounds.

In response to the shooting, hundreds of people protested and blocked streets in the city during rush hour yesterday (video below).

According to, protestors yelled "No justice! No peace!" and waved signs, one of which said: "From Michael Brown to Tamir Rice, This Must Stop."

Part of the protesters' anger stemmed from the police department's lack of information shared with the public. The Cleveland Police Department originally said it would not release video surveillance footage of the shooting out of respect for Rice's family, who wanted the video seen.

This afternoon, Cleveland police released the video (below), reports NewsChannel 5.

Cleveland Police Commander Ed Tomba narrated the video at a press conference and identified Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback as the officers involved in the shooting.

Commander Tomba claimed the two officers told Rice three times to put his hands up when they pulled up to the park in their patrol car.

However, the actual shooting is obscured by the police car and there is no audio on the video.

Sources:, NewsChannel 5


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