Prospective Jurors of Cannibal Cop Case Shown Disturbing Images

Trial is in the process of beginning on a policeman who was accused of planning to kill, cook and eat women. Prospective jurors were shown disturbing images of naked women in order to weed out the ones who might be shocked by the trial.

The jurors were asked to answer a six-page questionnaire, and were shown pictures of naked women in shocking poses. One image featured a woman hog-tied, naked, kneeling on a roasting platter with an apple in her mouth.

Those who were taken aback by the images were removed from the jury.

Judge Paul Gardephe described the nature of the case:

"Many of Mr. Valle's communications with others took place on sexual fetish websites in which people discuss, view and post images and videos of sexual, sexually violent, and sexually deviant conduct, such as necrophilia, sexual asphyxiation, genital mutilation, rape fantasies, bondage and various forms of sadomasochism.”

He explained the trial would not be a “referendum” on the sites or the “interest and practices discussed or shown” on them.

Those who were offended by the images would not be able to give Valle a fair trial.

Valle dressed in a gray suit, blue dress shirt and tie and faced the prospective jurors during the questionnaire.

Valle, 28, was a NYPD cop and is being charged with conspiring to kidnap, rape, torture, murder and cannibalize women with three of his Internet friends. He has been in jail without bail since being arrested in October.

The completed questionnaires were discussed with Valle’s lawyers later in the day.

Trial is scheduled to begin on February 25.

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