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Prosecutors Won't Pursue Solicitation Charges Against 87-Year-Old Man

Howard Arthur Klein reached the age of 87 without any run-ins with the law. Unfortunately, this past June he was reportedly arrested for solicitation of a prostitute during a sting operation in Grand Rapids, Michigan,.

Prosecutors have decided not to pursue the case, according to Fox 17.

"What would be the purpose in prosecuting him? " Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth told MLive. "He wouldn't and shouldn't go to jail and 87 years without involvement in the criminal justice system has, in my opinion, earned him a pass.”

Klein was arraigned on July 8, but authorities decided not to take him into custody due to his advanced age. He allegedly claimed he thought the woman he approached, who was actually an undercover police officer, was someone he knew from church. Klein faced up to 93 days in prison.

"I could see no compelling reason to continue to prosecute Mr. Klein on the ticket he was issued for accosting and soliciting," Forsyth said. "He is 87 years old with absolutely no criminal record. In addition, I am told he struggles to some degree with dementia.”

Sources: MLive, Fox 17

Photo credit: Nils Hamerlinck/Flickr, WOOD TV8/Youtube Screenshot via


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