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Prosecutors Will Seek Death Penalty For 20-Year-Old Accused Of Murdering Parents And Younger Sister

A preliminary hearing on June 16 at an Oklahoma court concluded there was enough evidence to proceed with the trial of a 20-year-old man accused of three counts of first-degree murder.

Alan Hruby, a former University of Oklahoma student, allegedly shot and killed both his parents, John and Joy "Tinker," and his sister Katherine, who was 17. Prosecutors claim he did so to get his inheritance.

The three died on Oct. 9, 2014, but the bodies were not discovered until Oct. 13. Hruby admitted his involvement in the shootings.

In court, the family’s housekeeper, Rose Marie Chavez, testified about the moment she found the three bodies. She said she had been cleaning for around half an hour before discovering Tinker Hruby’s body in the kitchen. It was “ice cold,” she recalled, reported Daily Mail.

“I stepped in the kitchen and saw Katherine's feet and John was between the doorway to the kitchen and dining room face down,” Chavez told the court. “I was emotional and in shock.”

She also recalled comforting Katherine just weeks earlier.

“Katherine was crying and said, 'Alan's up to his old tricks again,'” Chavez recounted. “Katherine said she was told Alan was telling his friends about how he was going to end up killing them.”

Hruby wept in court as this testimony was delivered, reports said.

As well as Hruby’s confession, police officers found evidence implicating the 20-year-old in the crime. The most significant pieces were found at a storage facility under the name of Alan’s grandmother, Janice Hruby, Daily Mail reported.

“Upon lifting the door, on top of a crate, there were multiple pieces of evidence we believed to be related to this homicide,” explained District Six District Attorney’s Office Investigator Justin Scott. These included a handgun, blue gloves and surveillance equipment.

According to NewsOK, prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty because Hruby killed for money, continues to present a threat to society, because he killed three people and due to the particularly heinous character of each death.

The prosecution alleges that after the murders, Hruby went to Dallas for the weekend to party with friends.

“He didn't ask us any questions and seemed unemotional,” commented Jeremy Engel, a special agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, on his questioning of Hruby after the police were called.

Hruby is currently serving a three-year sentence for taking out a credit card in his grandmother’s name.

Sources: Daily Mail, NewsOK

Photo credit: Daily Mail


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