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Prosecutors Release Photos, 911 Call Made By Husband Who Pushed Wife Off A Cliff (Video)

Prosecutors in the Harold Henthorn case, which came to a close last month when he was found guilty of first-degree murder for the death of his wife, Toni, released the final photographs taken of her before he pushed her off a cliff.

A recording of the 911 call Harold made following his wife’s fall was also released (embedded below).

In the photos, Toni may be seen smiling and seemingly happy to be hiking with Harold on Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, to celebrate their 12 year anniversary.

Photo Credit: Handout Via The Daily Mail

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Photo Credit: Handout Via The Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Handout Via The Daily Mail

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Soon after the photos were taken, Harold pushed Toni off a cliff to her death. He was found guilty last month of first-degree murder in what prosecutors argued was a planned action in order to obtain a $4.7 million life insurance policy, The Daily Mail reports.

In the 911 call, Harold tells the operator his exact location and explains that his wife has fallen at least 30 feet and is in critical condition.

“She’s not been conscious, she is breathing,” Harold tells the operator.

Harold then offers to pay “any and all expenses for a helicopter” that could drop a paramedic to help Toni.

Due to safety precautions, the operator tells Harold a helicopter is not an option and that a rescue team will have to come on foot. Toni’s vital signs are slowly fading as the call continues.

“I didn’t actually see her fall,” Harold tells the operator when asked how Toni came to fall off the cliff.

According to a juror in Harold’s case, the 911 call influenced the decision to convict him.

“The 911 call … there was so much inconsistency on the call,” juror Jerry Taboada told CBS Denver. “It didn’t add up, it was cold and it was calculated, there was no feeling behind those calls at all. He wanted her to die.”

The photos showing where Toni fell also influenced jurors to find Harold guilty.

“You could see how steep it was and how rough the terrain was,” juror Dawn Roberts said.

Photo Credit: CBS 4 via The Daily Mail

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“I felt she should have never had to experience something like that,” said Taboada.

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Photo Credit: CBS 4 via The Daily Mail

Harold did not testify during his trial or call any witnesses, but he always maintained Toni’s death was an accident.

He is also suspected of causing the death of his first wife, Lynn, in 1995. She died while changing a tire and the car suddenly fell on her. Photos were also released of the scene of her death.

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Photo Credit: Handout Via The Daily Mail

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Photo Credit: Handout Via The Daily Mail

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department is currently reinvestigating Lynn's death with the hope they may present a strong case to the district attorney for the possible filing of criminal charges against Harold.

Harold plans to appeal his conviction. He is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

Sources: The Daily Mail, CBS Denver / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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