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Prosecutors Wanted a Statement From This Officer, So He Gave Them One (Photo)

Although arrests and trials often get the majority of the headlines, a lot of work is done in between those two things. Because it is usually pretty tedious and paperwork-related, it often flies under the radar.

Recently, a prosecutor’s office working on a particular incident realized that they needed a statement from Officer PC Peach. They repeatedly requested the necessary paperwork, only to get ignored each time.

Finally, after repeated attempts and people on both sides getting frustrated, they got their statement:

Image placeholder title

Yup, you guessed it – Officer PC Peach is a dog. His department kept insisting that Officer PC Peach could not provide a statement, and the prosecutor’s office kept requesting one anyway.

Are you ready for the really silly part? According to Metro, investigators are now looking into the incident because a false report was filed. Yikes.


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