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Prosecutor's Closing Argument Reveals Gory Details in Jodi Arias Trial

As closing arguments began this week in the Jodi Arias trial, prosecutors revealed gory details of Travis Alexander’s death.

Arias, 32, who has been on trial for five months in Maricopa County, Ariz., is accused of stabbing her 30-year-old boyfriend to death in his home in 2008.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez painted a picture of Arias as a cunning, manipulative and cold-blooded killer, who carefully planned the death of Alexander weeks before his death on June 4, 2008.

“It was a very well orchestrated kill,” Martinez told the court, while he held up a photograph of Alexander’s body, his back covered in stab wounds. “She killed him three times over.”

Martinez said Alexander armed herself with a knife and gun the night she went to Alexander’s Mesa, Ariz., home. Arias drove there from her home in California using a rental car.

After sleeping with Alexander and then taking nude photographs of each other, Arias allegedly stabbed him in the shower and on the bathroom floor nearly 30 times. Martinez said he was stabbed as he tried to regain his balance and stabbed again on the back of his head as he stood over the sink.

He held up graphic crime scene photographs of the murder. “He is trying to get away from her,” he said as he showed a rainbow-arched smear of blood down the wall in the hallway where Alexander finally collapsed.

Arias alleged the attack was in self-defense, but Martinez argued that her targets were deliberate.

“He goes down, he collapses, and she catches up to him and goes for the throat,” Martinez said. “If it was crime of passion she wouldn’t have directed a hit to where it would kill, but when he goes down there is a direct strike to his neck, where it will kill him.”

Alexander was also shot in the head. Arias originally claimed she shot her boyfriend first in self-defense, but the medical examiner determined Alexander was shot after he was stabbed 29 times and his throat slit.

Arias alleged that Alexander was abusive and pressured her into sex. Martinez told the jury that Arias “looked at each and every one of you in the eye and lied” about her relationship with Alexander.

“This person here is the epitome of a liar… She has an incredible memory when it comes to lying. She has committed murder in the first degree under both theories,” he said.

The defense begins closing arguments Friday.

Sources: Inquistr, Radar Online


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